Chapter 1215: Morale Up and Down

The manifestation of a true dragon made an unforgettable impression in everyone’s hearts. It was a scene to be remembered for a lifetime. They all found it difficult to recover from their state of utter shock. 

In the arena opposite of Jiang Chen’s side, Emperor Shura was the most astonished of all. His face was as dark as the night sky as he watched the fight between the true dragon and his black winged drake.

The drake was slightly superior in terms of level of cultivation, but every other characteristic was inferior. Whether it was aura, demeanor, or any other attribute, the drake couldn’t claim pre-eminence before the dragon. It was as if it had met its long-lost ancestor, before whom it couldn’t exert a tenth of its natural ferocity.

The true dragon race had a natural mighty presence. It was a trait passed down through its bloodline, demanding mandatory respect from all lesser relatives. The black winged drake had very little vestigial dragon bloodline to speak of. Though it was a crossbreed...

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