Chapter 1214: A True Dragon Reveals Itself

Emperor Shura was clearly putting on a show to take Jiang Chen down a notch. He whistled gently and made a sweeping gesture. The black winged drake bellowed as it raised its neck towards the sky. It expanded the large, fleshy wings on its back and fanned them.


A frighteningly powerful gale hurtled towards the stage and enveloped the arena. The drake’s bellows also contained a terrifyingly baleful aura that roiled towards Jiang Chen.

“Young lord Zhen, don’t tell me that you don’t even have a contracted spirit creature?” Emperor Shura was incredibly haughty and full of himself. He was a hunter playing with his prey. 

Jiang Chen gently opened his eyes and put on a mocking smile. “Shura, I merely wanted to see what your black winged drake is capable of. By the looks of it, it's actually rather mediocre. Forget great emperor realm, the furthest it’ll ever reach is peak emperor realm. This drake of yours is only useful as a deterrence for the layman and as an object to keep up appearances. I don’t understand why you’re so proud of it.” 

Emperor Shura had shown off the black winged drake’s heaven-defying aura to stifle Jiang Chen’s arrogance and make him yield. However, the young lord wasn’t even intimidated in the slightest. In fact, his response even elicited a sense of panic within Emperor Shura.

T-that brat… he actually recognizes the black winged drake? He… actually possesses an eye for such things too? Emperor Shura felt an inexplicable sense of annoyance. 

The black winged drake wasn’t a common beast. It was a ferocious halfblood that one couldn’t hope to encounter more than once every millennia. The common populace wouldn’t even recognize it. 

Emperor Shura had done very extensive research and hired many beast taming masters to identify the ferocious beast. However, young lord Zhen hadn’t taken even a minute to identify it! This greatly diminished his haughtiness. He wanted to crush his opponent with his trump card, but was instantly called out on it. This feeling was as disgusting as being eaten by maggots from the inside out.

He snorted coldly as humiliation turned into rage. “Young lord Zhen, since you already know what it is, you should admit to your loss! You may bide your time, but there’s nothing you can do to change the result. You can’t win against me in beast taming!” 

The vassals sucked in breaths of cold air when they saw the black winged drake. They could feel the ferocity and the bloodthirst emanating from within it. Its aura felt so powerful that it seemed like it could shred everything into dust.

The vassals that sided with Jiang Chen couldn’t help but break out in a sweat. Almost everyone from Sacred Peafowl Mountain had their brows knitted in a frown. They feared the black winged drake greatly and were extremely anxious. Huang’er and Emperor Peerless however, was as calm and collected as before.

Jiang Chen threw a sharp glance at Emperor Shura. “Shura, do you know why you’ll never rule Veluriyam Capital?”

“Hmph! Are you still trying to mislead the crowd with your delusions?” Emperor Shura was quite displeased.

“It’s because you’re a frog in a well. You’re so narrow minded that all you can see is the small piece of the sky in front of you. You’ll forever be ignorant of the expanse of the outside world. If a mere black winged drake is enough to elicit such a smug look on your face, prepare to be shocked by what I show you!” Jiang Chen suddenly raised his voice and projected it far and wide.

Prepare to be shocked? The crowd stared at Jiang Chen curiously with anticipation. They wondered what kind of trump card was he going to show. How could he remain so calm and confident when he was facing the black winged drake? Did he really possess such an incredible trump card? 

Everyone knew how good young lord Zhen was at creating miracles. Time and time again, he’d made the impossible, possible. What surprise did he have in store this time? Was he going to create yet another miracle?

Jiang Chen’s words caused an imperceptible crack to appear on Emperor Shura’s unyielding and stone-like dao heart. Brat, what game are you trying to play? He was a little dumbfounded, not because of Jiang Chen’s words, but because of the young lord's composure and haughtiness throughout the entire situation. 

Does he actually have a trump card? Emperor Shura was beginning to doubt himself. However, he remained certain that there was no way for Jiang Chen to summon a beast stronger than his black winged drake.

With young lord Zhen's current cultivation level, there was absolutely no way he could tame a beast stronger than the drake. A beast of such strength could kill him in a single strike. There was no feasible way for him to tame something like that.

That brat is insane! Emperor Shura's mind was filled with doubt, but he ultimately decided that the brat was crazy.

Jiang Chen wasn't insane. Far from it. In fact, his head was clearer than ever before. His conversation with Long Xiaoxuan had cleared his doubts and fears. After crawling for so long, it was time for the true dragon race to take the skies once more!

He suddenly raised his head towards the sky and sucked in all of the surrounding air to form a deafening howl. Dragon Roar! It was an art that he’d once shown during the Veluriyam Pagoda Battles.

Jiang Chen performed a flurry of hand seals while the dragon roar was still echoing through the air. A ray of blinding light shot out from his hands, causing menacing clouds to roll through the air. Moments later, Long Xiaoxuan’s majestic true body was seen vaguely meandering within the clouds. 

Roar! Long Xiaoxuan’s true body was revealed!

A true dragon’s dragon roar wasn’t like any other common art. When paired with Jiang Chen’s dragon roar, it turned into a frighteningly powerful sea of sound waves that seemed it wanted to overturn the heavens and earth.

Thunder and lightning formed a symphony as the clouds roiled. A true dragon was dancing through the skies!

The crowd was completely and utterly stunned. It almost seemed like the blood of every cultivator present had been lit ablaze. Heat was welling up in their chest.  

“Dragon! It’s a true dragon!”

“No way! There’s a living true dragon in the human domain?” 

“Unbelievable! Is that young lord Zhen’s contracted spirit creature? That’s too ludicrous!” 

“True dragons are supposed to exist only in the legends! Young lord Zhen has truly tamed a true dragon?”

“Heavens! According to the legends, only those who control the heavenly fates will be chosen by dragons! Is young lord Zhen actually the chosen one?”

“I’m staggered! With such great fortune, young lord Zhen can only be the chosen one! Emperor Shura must be kidding himself if he thinks that someone as insignificant as him has the right to seize Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s throne!”  

“The one chosen by true dragons... Tsk tsk, I’ve made up my mind. I shall give my undying support to young lord Zhen!”

“Me too! Not even Emperor Peafowl could hold a candle to young lord Zhen when it comes to fortune! No wonder he has so many great achievements at such a young age! He’s blessed by the very heavens itself! One day, he’ll definitely become a widely recognized leader of the human domain!”

“I finally understand why Emperor Peafowl could bear to leave the capital without any worry. He is farsighted enough to see that young lord Zhen was actually a man of great fortune.” 

“You make a good point! Perhaps Emperor Shura is actually collaborating with Emperor Peafowl to test young lord Zhen?”

“I’m convinced. I’ve never felt so much veneration for anybody until today. It doesn’t matter if young lord Zhen wins or loses this competition. In my heart, Veluriyam Capital only has one ruler, and it’s him. As for the others, heh. They don’t stand a chance.”

A true dragon has revealed itself! The great emperors were flabbergasted. They held their breaths as they took in the miraculous sight.

The honored guests also had complicated expressions on their face. They stared at the true dragon intently, unable to form words. It was too terrifying! The scene before their eyes had overturned the very foundation of their beliefs! It was against everything they thought they knew about the world!

“The true dragon race… Brat Zhen, just what is your background?” Emperor Pillzenith’s heart was currently filled with uncertainty. A seedling of doubt had begun to sprout. Is it really worth it to go against young lord Zhen? Is it necessary?

The Holy Emperor was also filled with dread. “Young lord Zhen has contracted a true dragon as a spirit creature? Is he crazy? If he really is Jiang Chen, there will no longer be a day of peace for us…”

The Eternal Celestial Capital had been paying very close attention to Veluriyam Capital because they suspected that young lord Zhen and Jiang Chen were the same person. They were hoping that Emperor Shura would dethrone young lord Zhen so that they could verify their suspicions.

After what had happened today, the Holy Emperor could only pray that young lord Zhen and Jiang Chen was in no circumstance affiliated with one another. It would be a disaster otherwise.  

Emperor Pillzenith and the Holy Emperor weren’t the ones shocked by the sight. Han Qianzhan and Han Qiansui of the Great Yu Skysword Sect were completely dumbfounded as well. They never imagined that their guest pill emperor was actually someone who had subdued a true dragon! They simply couldn’t digest the sight before their eyes.

Su Huanzhen of the Celestial Cicada Court knitted her brows in deep thought. It was clear that she too, was taken aback by the true dragon’s sudden appearance.

Emperor Shura’s sworn allies were also incredibly flabbergasted, especially Emperor Vastsea. He watched the entire scene unfold with his mouth agape while a raging storm brewed in his heart. He was consumed by doubt, jealousy, and disbelief. He simply couldn’t believe he’d just seen. Why!? Why does it seem like everything good has fallen to this brat?!

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