Chapter 1213: The Black Winged Drake

Emperor Shura felt deeply humiliated after Jiang Chen countered his taunts. He knew that it was foolish to spar words with young lord Zhen, so he settled for a snort. “Young lord Zhen, you’re something when it comes to smooth talking, but you need true skill and knowledge to win the competition.”

“The fourth round begins. Miss Huang’er of Sacred Peafowl Mountain versus Pill King Hui of Shura Retreat!”

The beast taming part of the competition was a very primitive one. Huang’er didn’t have any special attainment in the art of beast taming, so she surrendered after a token appearance. It was already Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s plan to give up this round, not to mention that Pill King Hui was obviously well versed in the art of beast taming.

An arrogant smile spilled out of the corners of Emperor Shura’s lips when Huang’er conceded without hesitation. Huang’er’s surrender made him realize that Sacred Peafowl Mountain was probably completely lacking in the area. They wouldn’t have given up so easily otherwise.

“Pill King Hui of Shura Retreat wins the fourth round. The fifth...

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