Chapter 1210: Starting Off With Pill Dao

Emperor Shura had wanted to call the kettle black when he first saw Emperor Peerless, but the latter was now genuinely a member of the Sacred Peafowl Mountain?? His opponent had then turned the tables on him by questioning the backgrounds of his two followers and naming the Eternal Celestial Capital and Pillfire City.

These two factions had tried to wrestle the Longevity Pill from Veluriyam Capital. Pillfire City especially was Veluriyam Capital’s long established rival. The citizens hated these with a passion and would abandon Emperor Shura in a heartbeat if he was found to be affiliated with them. Thankfully, he was already prepared for this development that Sacred Peafowl Mountain would give him trouble over their origins.

“They are deathsworn that my faction has secretly raised. They have never shown themselves outside.” He answered coldly without any hesitation.

“Oh? And we’re expected to take your word for it?” Jiang Chen was relentless.

Emperor Shura surely had a private army of deathsworn, but Jiang Chen didn’t believe that his faction would...

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