Chapter 121: I’m Telling You That You’re a Frog at the Bottom of a Well (Teaser)

Chapter 121: I’m Telling You That You’re a Frog at the Bottom of a Well

Although Jiang Chen didn’t really want to receive the person from the Darkmoon Kingdom, he wanted to understand the movements of all sides given the current situation. Perhaps he could obtain a bit of intelligence from this Darkmoon envoy?

“Darkmoon Kingdom envoy Qi Can greets young master Jiang.” The Darkmoon Kingdom envoy was short and looked like an ordinary citizen. There was nothing particularly remarkable about him.

This kind of person couldn’t be identified if he was thrown into a crowd.

However, this person’s nose was slightly flat, and his eye sockets were rather sunken. Judging from his appearance, he did indeed have a few traces of the traits from the Darkmoon Kingdom.

“Young master Jiang?” Jiang Chen’s lips curled into a humourless smile.

“Heh heh, I’ve heard that the Jiang family has rejected the appointments and rewards of the Eastern clan and declined the title of first duke. So, if I guess correctly, the Jiang family doesn’t hold any government positions anymore. Calling you young master Jiang seems to be the most fitting, is it not?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “You’re a smart man. What I don’t understand however is: When did I, Jiang Chen, have any interaction...

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