Chapter 1209: Debate Over the Choice of Candidates

Jiang Chen pondered for a moment as he looked at Huang’er. The confidence in her clear eyes tugged at his heartstrings. Nodding slightly, he turned towards Lin Yanyu and Mu Gaoqi. “Huang’er will take the field in this battle. Don’t be dejected, the time for both of you to show off your abilities will arrive someday!”

If this had been in the past, Jiang Chen would never have allowed Huang’er to participate in a battle. The Generation Binding Curse flared whenever she used her consciousness or her martial skills, so there was always a chance she could swept away in an irreversible tragedy.

But the Generation Binding Curse no longer plagued her. With her level of abilities, what was there to be worried about? When the insufferably arrogant true disciple of the Ninesuns Sky Sect, Cao Jin, had caused trouble at the Regal Pill Palace, Huang’er had sent him scurrying away with just three moves.

She’d been born in Myriad Abyss Island. Although she was a year or two younger than Jiang Chen, she had reached emperor realm a long time ago. She wasn’t on par with Jiang Chen in terms of pill dao, but the foundations of Myriad Abyss Island were bigger and deeper than the human domain’s,...

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