Chapter 1208: A Completely Unexpected Candidate

Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s morale grew tremendously after Emperor Peerless and the Geng Brothers joined the faction. The unexpected turn of events made the four monarchs extremely happy.

Powerful experts had joined the faction, yet their own authority and ranks weren’t even slightly affected. It was the greatest deal of a lifetime. Only someone as highly revered as young lord Zhen could attract these legendary wanderers to join the Sacred Peafowl Mountain. It was a feat that not even Emperor Peafowl could achieve. Emperor Peafowl could compel much from other people, but it was highly unlikely that he’d be able to get Emperor Peerless to join Sacred Peafowl Mountain without any incentives.

“Alright, since Old Brother Mo has joined our faction, he shall be one of the followers. I trust that nobody has a second opinion?” Jiang Chen asked assessingly as he looked at the crowd. 

“None at all.” Cloudsoar Monarch was first to declare his support. 

“Me neither.” A person as cold and lofty as Plumscore Monarch would...

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