Chapter 1207: Joining Sacred Peafowl Mountain

There were many restrictions on who could be selected to take the field. Apart from Jiang Chen and Emperor Shura, the other three personnel selected had to be two followers and one personal disciple. Moreover, the disciple had to be a member of the younger generation. This meant that Pill King Lu Feng and Pill King Bu weren’t allowed to compete. Although these rules limited Sacred Peafowl Mountain greatly to some degree, they also meant that Shura Retreat couldn’t do as it pleased either.

Therefore, Emperor Peerless couldn’t participate because he was both just a friend and invited reinforcement. He wasn’t a real member of Sacred Peafowl Mountain, so it would be breaching the rules to have him take a slot. Although his offer was a surprise and delight, the group knew that it just couldn’t be done. This was a faction war between Sacred Peafowl Mountain and Shura Retreat.

Not even Emperor Coiling Dragon and Emperor Void could participate in this match. The same went for Emperor Vastsea on the Shura Retreat side, no matter how loud he barked. The...

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