Chapter 1206: Thirteen Rounds to Decide the Victor

Twenty percent of profits? Emperor Shura burned with fury at this. Is he fobbing off a beggar?

“Daoist Shura, if the Pinecrane Pill is real, then the profit should be an even split between us. Veluriyam Capital should fully participate in the pill’s development and production. Our cities must operate with equal importance.” Emperor Shura never backed down from profit. In his opinion, an even split was already tremendously advantageous for Pillfire City.

Emperor Pillzenith was furious, but the current situation did not allow him to erupt in anger. In an unusual display of acquiescence, he accepted the offer. “Let it be as you say. We shall have an even split. However, you must try as hard as you can to acquire the recipe.”

It wasn’t going to be easy to get one’s hands on Pinecrane Pill’s recipe. Emperor Shura didn’t have a clue about the Longevity Pill’s, much less this elusive, more wondrous variant. He couldn’t show weakness however.

“Remember this, Shura. You must listen to my instructions during the pill dao battles. Test for the Pinecrane Pill’s veracity first, then make an attempt to procure it,” advised...

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