Chapter 1203: To Decide Via Martial Might?

Emperor Petalpluck’s brow was deeply knotted. He was at an impasse. The two sides were becoming more and more belligerent and a fight seemed about to break out at any moment. This wasn’t something that he wanted to see.

Motioning downwards with both palms, he patiently counseled both parties. “Please, friends. Your complaints against each other right now are unsubstantiated. What point is there in throwing empty words around? What Veluriyam Capital needs most right now is stability, not hostility.” Emperor Petalpluck cast his gaze into the guest area. “We have so many honored guests here today. If we get into a heated argument in front of them, isn’t that shameful for the entire city? We’ll be the laughingstock of the Upper Eight Regions.”

Emperor Petalpluck no longer cared about appearances. He exercised as much restraint as he could muster. Thankfully, his words were effective enough to noticeably defuse rising tempers on either side.

“Daoist Petalpluck is right,” Emperor Vastsea nodded. “Emperor Coiling Dragon, Void, your unfounded claims will only bring about embarrassment. If you’re as confident as your words indicate, why don’t we have a straightforward bout to decide things?...

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