Chapter 1202: An Unexpected Draw

However, the lead was small enough to be nonexistent. Four votes was next to nothing in the grand scheme of things. It was an advantage that small could disappear in an instant. 

But still, there was a great deal of excitement from Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s side. The four monarchs were quite appreciative of the poll’s evenness. They were very clear that many of the Sacred Peafowl Mountain supporters were people who had received favors from Emperor Peafowl. A few neutral vassals filled out the remainder of their ranks, either out of adoration for Emperor Peafowl or admiration of young lord Zhen.

It took less than an hour for the eight hundredth vote to be called. The present situation deepened Emperor Shura’s frown even further. Only a two-vote advantage remained for him. Two votes for young lord Zhen in a row would render everything equal. The ambitious emperor could no longer maintain his composure when it came down to the final twenty-six.

Emperor Coiling Dragon and Void were both gratified and anxious. They were gratified that young...

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