Chapter 1201: The Competition Begins

Every great emperor had expressed their stance on the matter. Emperor Shura understood that a transition period was necessary, even if he was quite irritated by it. He would appear too unsightly otherwise. Moreover, he knew better than anyone that Emperor Peafowl was never returning to Veluriyam Capital. His injury was so severe that even Emperor Pillzenith had declared there was no way the man would survive.

Emperor Peafowl was undoubtedly strong, but he was far from being invincible. Even if he did somehow survive his injuries, the place he’d run to was the desolate wildlands. Could he really escape the demon race’s wrath in the state he was in? That was why Emperor Shura didn’t care if the power was temporary or not. It was only a matter of time before Veluriyam Capital fell into his grasp.

“Then we shall do as everyone says. This way, we can avoid being disrespectful to Daoist Peafowl.” Emperor Shura wore  a sanctimonious look.

Emperor Petalpluck nodded and ordered someone to prepare the jade tokens. A head count revealed that there were a total of...

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