Chapter 1200: Jiang Chen’s Presence

Since there were supporters for Emperor Shura, there were naturally ones for Sacred Peafowl Mountain and young lord Zhen. They too joined the fray as more and more people raised their voices. 

“Ridiculous! Sacred Peafowl Mountain should rule Veluriyam Capital. That’s how it has been for generation after generation. Anyone from any other faction should be considered an usurper!”

“We support young lord Zhen! He’s still young, but his potential and ability have both proven that he more than qualifies as the right successor!”

“I support young lord Zhen as well. He’s achieved so many amazing things in so few years. We’re willing to wait a hundred years for him. If that’s not enough, three to five hundred more years are fine too. In the long term, Veluriyam Capital needs a genius like young lord Zhen!”

“Absolutely. Emperor Shura has proven himself most fitting in the role of a lieutenant or third-in-line. As a proper leader? I feel like he’s missing presence and heart.”

There was utter anarchy in the crowd. So many vassals were present that no one felt obliged to hold their tongue. The two blocs instantly...

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