Chapter 120: The Unexpected News from Strong Oppression

Chapter 120: The Unexpected News from Strong Oppression

“Baishi, if you’ve changed your mind, the doors to the Hall are absolutely open to you. Does this even need to be discussed? I can make a decision now so that you’ll still be the Third Hallmaster if you come back!” Song Tianxing was jubilant.

Qiao Baishi couldn’t help but laugh. He hadn’t thought that his words would cause Song Tianxing to misunderstand him.

“Me, the Third Hallmaster?” Qiao Baishi shook his head with a rueful smile.

Off to the side, Elder Blue couldn’t hold it in any longer, “Is the position of Third Hallmaster not enough? Do you wish to replace the Lord Hallmaster in one fell swoop?”

“You, shut up!” Song Tianxing and Ying Wuyou yelled almost in unison.

Qiao Baishi had long since grown immune to this woman as he chuckled. “I’ve already lost interest in the position of Hallmaster a long time ago. If the Lord Hallmaster wishes to listen to my terms, then I’ll speak frankly.”

“Go ahead.” Song Tianxing was in a great mood when he heard that there were conditions that could be discussed. At the end of the day, wouldn’t it just be an outrageously high price? Go ahead and name it! As long as the Hall of Healing could withstand it, they would endure it no matter how high it was.

“The terms actually aren’t much of any terms at all. They’re all in consideration of the future of the Hall. First, Ying Wuyou will return to the...

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