Chapter 1199: Deciding on the Solution

Every blow struck Emperor Shura and his allies in their weak spots, making them both upset and powerless. However, the emperor managed to kept his cool. He knew that he had no chance of gaining a lead in further debate with Emperor Coiling Dragon.

Both Emperor Coiling Dragon and young lord Zhen were both eloquent men. If they were allowed to continue their grandstanding, they would only end up converting more and more people. He would end up with an even greater disadvantage than he had now.

“Daoist Petalpluck, we must come to a decision. The eight hundred vassals are all here. Why don’t you preside over the proceedings?” Emperor Shura turned to his more neutral fellow.

Emperor Petalpluck smiled slightly, inclining his head in turn to the Emperor Coiling Dragon and Vastsea. “Gentlemen, now is not the time for an emotional dispute. The recent chaos in Veluriyam Capital requires resolution. A nation should not be long without a leader. For the people to be satisfied and placated, we must always have a ruler at the helm.”

“That’s right. Anyone who tries to act up again is an enemy of the public peace....

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