Chapter 1198: An Election?

Emperor Coiling Dragon’s words actually resonated with a lot of people. Emperor Shura had some fame in Veluriyam Capital, but no one other than his supporters felt much goodwill towards him.

Emperor Shura’s subordinates were extremely domineering. For example, the late Majestic Clan had committed many crimes in Veluriyam Capital and rode roughshod over the general populace. The Shura Guard was highly disliked by the people as well.

In comparison, Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s reputation was infinitely better than Shura Retreat’s. Emperor Peafowl’s individual charisma was one reason, but the Peafowl Guard of Sacred Peafowl Mountain was also beloved. At the very least, they almost never interfered with worldly conflicts unless exceptional circumstances were involved.

Frankly, there weren’t actually many willing to see Emperor Shura on the throne. If they had to pick one reason, it would be because the great emperor never made any contributions to the people. Nearly all of his fame had come from the power struggles within Veluriyam Capital’s own four walls. 

There were some who claimed that Emperor Shura was selfish, while others who said that Emperor Peafowl...

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