Chapter 1197: Strong Animosity

“Young lord Zhen, don’t be mistaken. The Vassal Meeting has been convened to discuss the future of our capital. It’s not a place for you to swagger about!” Emperor Vastsea had finally had enough.

Jiang Chen smiled mockingly. “Unlike you, I have no need to throw my weight around. I’m only saying all this out of the consideration for the capital. Emperor Peafowl has already declared that Emperor Shura isn’t suitable to rule. Out of my respect for Emperor Peafowl and consideration for the capital’s future, I have to carry out my duties as the young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain.”  

“Hmph! You can twist his words however your like! Without any proof, who’d believe you? I can also say that Emperor Peafowl has decided to make Daoist Shura his successor!” Emperor Vastsea was also very good with words.

“Without proof?” Jiang Chen sniffed coldly and continued in charged tones. Emperor Peafowl had indeed said those words, but he really did have no proof. “You’ve also claimed without any proof that Emperor Peafowl has fallen, conjured...

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