Chapter 1196: I’m Not Planning to Give You A Chance

Jiang Chen didn’t think that Emperor Shura would turn around and try to implicate him.

Emperor Vastsea also stood up. “Everyone, all I want to ask is this. Where was young lord Zhen when Emperor Peafowl went missing?

“I’m sure that everyone here is also curious as to where our famous and ingenious young lord Zhen hails from. Sacred Peafowl Mountain seems to have never taken in a disciple like young lord Zhen, hmm? So how did he suddenly appear and become young lord? Aren’t we all a little surprised by his appearance?” Emperor Vastsea suddenly turned on Jiang Chen.

Emperor Coiling Dragon was certainly not going to take this lying down. He shot to his feet and roared, “Young lord Zhen is the successor Emperor Peafowl raised in secret. He and young lord Fan were like light and shadow. This is something a trusted aide of Emperor Peafowl such as I was aware of a long time ago. But you, an outsider to Sacred Peafowl Mountain, are worrying about our internal matters? Why don’t you find something else better to do with your time, you old codger?”

“That’s right, young lord Zhen is the successor that His Majesty...

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