Chapter 1195: The Vassal Meeting

Thankfully, the diagrams that Jiang Chen drew were mostly second-rate formations. He had only drawn one of the ten great formations belonging to the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect.

Su Huanzhen had an exceptionally keen eye. She picked out the latter formation out of the rest with only a single glance, impressed with its clear superiority over the rest. At once, she knew she wanted that formation most of all.

“Sect Head Su, Sect Head Xia. I didn’t draw these formations to tantalize you.” Because they’d said they would unconditionally support Sacred Peafowl Mountain, Jiang Chen had to return the favor.

Su Zhenhuan was pleased with this comment. “Are you really going to teach the Celestial Cicada Court all of these formations, young lord Zhen?”

“Sacred Peafowl Mountain doesn’t have much need of them. However, they are nothing short of treasures for the Celestial Cicada Court. Given that, why shouldn’t I teach them to you?” Jiang Chen spoke only his honest mind.

Regardless of whether the Celestial Cicada Court admitted to it or not, it was definitely connected to the Ancient...

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