Chapter 1194: The Celestial Cicada Court

If news about the Pinecrane Pill got out, all eyes would be on him. Jiang Chen had naturally already prepared for this consequence. The Pinecrane Pill was also a piece of bait. He wanted to see how many large fish he could catch with.

How many factions with ulterior motives were hiding in Veluriyam Capital?

In fact, though revealing the pill had been somewhat involuntary, doing so was also quite clever. It was possible that cracks might develop in Emperor Shura’s alliance with his external help if they squabbled over it. It wasn’t that part that was clever, however.

Of the eight titled emperors currently residing within Veluriyam Capital, Emperor Coiling Dragon and Void naturally supported Sacred Peafowl Mountain. The two neutral parties, Emperor Petalpluck and Mountaincrush, were shocked by the rumors about the Pinecrane Pill. They both attempted to verify its veracity. Having been convinced of it, their hearts were greatly disturbed by the new discovery.

“Young lord Zhen… young lord Zhen…” The usually forthright Emperor Mountaincrush was heavily conflicted. “I know what’s right and wrong,...

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