Chapter 1193: External Forces

"What? The Pinecrane Pill?” In a secret chamber somewhere in Veluriyam Capital, Emperor Pillzenith was completely astounded by the news. He’d been involved in Veluriyam Capital’s internal strife from the very beginning. Before this, he’d never have thought that Emperor Shura would voluntarily invite him to join forces against Emperor Peafowl. He simply couldn’t believe that Emperor Shura could be this dumb.

In fact, he’d even suspected at first that this was a ruse by Emperor Peafowl to lure him out of Pillfire City. But after a long and thorough observation, he realized that this wasn’t a setup after all. Emperor Shura really had been dropped on the head when he was a child. It was risky cavorting with the enemy, but he didn’t mind taking advantage of the situation. 

And so, they began to collaborate with each other.  Not only that, Emperor Shura had also reached out to Eternal Celestial Capital. The three factions had joined forces against Emperor Peafowl. 

Of course, the one who contributed the most was still Emperor Pillzenith....

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