Chapter 1192: Jiang Chen’s Allies

Emperor Shura had made many preparations over the years for taking over the throne. The waylaying of Emperor Peafowl was without question, the most important. Aside from this, he had also expended a significant amount of effort on buying the hearts of the capital’s vassals. The ones waiting here for his reception today comprised of almost half of the total. This was a concerningly large portion.

Only a short while ago, Emperor Shura was still only Veluriyam’s third emperor in name. Above him wasn't only the lofty Emperor Peafowl, but Emperor Petalpluck as well. To have gathered almost half the city’s vassals to his side was an alarming accomplishment, the greatest guarantee for his work.

If he expended just a bit more effort, he would surely be able to win a few more over. Then, it wouldn’t matter if the rest remained neutral. As long as the number of vassals supporting him exceeded those that did Sacred Peafowl Mountain, he could rightfully become the foremost emperor of Veluriyam Capital. The sovereign throne would be finally his.

The news of the numerous visitors at Emperor Shura’s...

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