Chapter 1191: Emperor Peafowl’s Whereabouts

The atmosphere suddenly froze. A long moment later, Emperor Void finally let out a long sigh.

“Unimaginable, truly unimaginable! To think that Pill King Zhen’s pill dao fortunes are this extraordinary. Everyone in Veluriyam Capital would be blind to give up such a genius. Alright, I will support young lord Zhen for as long as I, Void, am still in Veluriyam Capital. No one, whatever their ambitions may be, shall harm young lord Zhen while I still draw breath.”

Emperor Void had finally voiced his official support.

“Hehe, you’re not going to count the Coiling Dragon faction out, are you?” Emperor Coiling Dragon declared heroically. “Maybe there are others who thought that we’re supporting him out of either selfishness or past favors, but they don’t know that our decision is made out of consideration for Veluriyam Capital’s future as well. I’ve always believed that Veluriyam Capital will be brought to greater heights in young lord Zhen’s hands. This is also something Emperor Peafowl himself declared back when he was around.”

“That’s right. Who else but young lord Zhen could win such praise from Emperor Peafowl?” Emperor Void also...

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