Chapter 1190: The Shocking Appearance of the Pinecrane Pill

As king of Bluesky Nation, Li Chunyu naturally didn’t lack perception or wits. Taiyuan Tower and Sacred Peafowl Mountain might seem closely related, but their differences couldn’t be bigger. They’d asked for an apprenticeship for Li Mai at Taiyuan Tower, but young lord Zhen promised that the Sacred Peafowl Mountain would train the prince into a pill dao extraordinaire instead.

Young lord Zhen was expressing his fullest sincerity in offering to develop Li Mai’s talents using Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s resources, instead of abandoning the crown prince at Taiyuan Tower. Taiyuan Tower was very excellent, but it was merely a pill shop in the end. Even though young lord Zhen was closely associated with the shop, it’d been a while since he even set foot in its premises.

Being invited to Sacred Peafowl Mountain was a completely different ballgame. Li Mai would receive personal pointers from young lord Zhen and be taught by the young lord’s true disciples! The royal duo were very aware who the young lord’s true disciples were. Pill King Bu and Pill King Lu Feng were some of the best ninth rank...

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