Chapter 119: Terms of Negotiation

Chapter 119: Terms of Negotiation

“Ying Wuyou. I’ve heard Baishi mention you before and know that you are a man with principles and strength of character. This is excellent. The Hall of Healing precisely lacks people like you.”

Jiang Chen nodded and spoke a few words of encouragement.

When he heard these words, Ying Wuyou felt the pressure on him ease slightly. It looked like young duke’s impression of him wasn’t that bad.

“There are no outsiders here so I’ll speak frankly. Baishi has already left the Hall and will be following me in the future. It’s impossible for him to return to the Hall. However, the future of the Hall still needs someone at the helm. I’ve discussed this with Baishi and we feel that your character and abilities are on par with the Fourth Hallmaster Wang Li. Therefore, we’d like to use you as a term of negotiation in our discussions with the Hall. You can discuss further with Baishi on what the details should be.”

“Me?” Ying Wuyou started and blurted out, “I came to seek shelter with brother Baishi and not to borrow your strength…”

“We know all of this.” Jiang Chen chuckled. “This is also the very reason as to why we’ve decided on you. If you’d come to borrow our influence, we wouldn’t have even considered you. If...

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