Chapter 1189: The Vassal Meeting

The convention of the Vassal Meeting livened up Veluriyam Capital significantly. Because of the arrival of kings and lords from everywhere, the city bustled with activity. Thirteen great nations, eight hundred cities, and all their associated retinues… all in all, a hundred thousand newcomers were slated to arrive.

Veluriyam Capital had no problem housing an additional hundred thousand. In fact, it could do so rather easily. Each vassal had his own background and patron. From them, Emperor Peafowl had personally cultivated at least a third. These people bore tremendous goodwill towards Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

Because Emperor Peafowl had always been the foremost great emperor of Veluriyam for as long as anyone could remember, the kings and lords made visiting Sacred Peafowl Mountain the first order of their affairs upon arrival.

They had all heard about the rumors, of course. The vassals owing their positions to the emperor especially wanted to find out more once they were there. However, they heard another piece of news as soon as they entered the city’s gates. Sacred...

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