Chapter 1188: Gifting the Kunpeng Bloodline

“Empyrean? Are you certain that I can ascend to the empyrean realm?” When it came to such an important subject, even a man as great as Emperor Peerless was rendered a weak mortal. His voice trembled with anticipation.

In comparison, Jiang Chen was the image of calmness. “You’re talented enough to become a great emperor as a wandering cultivator, Old Brother Mo. Breaking through to empyrean realm should be no problem at all.”

“This… this bloodline’s power! Is something like this allowed to exist?” Emperor Peerless was still doubtful. Not that he didn’t trust Jiang Chen, but the prospect was a little too shocking for him to take in at once.

“The world of martial dao has things much more amazing than this,” smiled Jiang Chen. “Empyrean bloodlines were relatively commonplace in ancient times, no?”

“The ancient times are just that, ancient,” murmured Emperor Peerless. “We live in the present era, where not even a tenth of the heritages from back then have been passed down. The human domain right now can’t rival even a tenth of the ancient times in resources and manpower. I’ve traveled...

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