Chapter 1187: The Chance to Reach Empyrean Realm

“Haha, you’ve finally showed up, brother. I would’ve gone to look for you if you were absent any longer!” Emperor Peerless laughed heartily when he saw Jiang Chen. It was obvious that the great emperor and his wife were having a good time in the young lord residence. Thanks to the Pinecrane Pill and the baptism of the wood spirit spring, Madame Yun was approaching full recovery.

Both Emperor Peerless and Madame Yun appreciated these blissful, carefree days. The madame had been injured almost the moment they fell in love, and it had been the heaviest burden they’d borne for the longest time. Emperor Peerless had to depart very often in search for a cure. As a result, they spent more time apart than together.

But after so many years of travel and hardships, Madame Yun’s injuries were now finally healed. That was why Emperor Peerless felt extreme gratitude towards Jiang Chen. The couple were loyal people who greatly valued the ties of friendship, and Jiang Chen had done them an enormous favor. They also rather liked Veluriyam Capital. Given that the three had been close for a while, the couple were beginning to feel like settling here.

“Old Brother Mo, your wife has essentially...

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