Chapter 1186: Tales of Heroes

Emperor Peafowl had indeed given Jiang Chen a line of thought and even predicted Emperor Shura’s eventual breaking with Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Not wishing for this day to actually come, he had advised Jiang Chen to garner the support of the other great emperors. The young man had worked to this end by visiting them rather frequently, but his shallow foundations and preoccupation with rescuing both his father and Wei Xing’er had put a temporary damper on that goal.

He hadn’t expected the situation in Veluriyam Capital to deteriorate so rapidly, and so soon. The suddenness of the drastic change left Jiang Chen feeling slightly unprepared.

“Friends, His Majesty entrusted a grave responsibility to me. Success or failure, it is my duty to see this through. Don’t be too worried. Sacred Peafowl Mountain has ruled Veluriyam Capital for three thousand years, and its fortunes will not disappear overnight. Those who aren’t fated to rule will be left with nothing, despite all their \scheming.” Jiang...

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