Chapter 1185: Jiang Chen Prepares For Battle

Jiang Chen didn’t have the requisite flying swords for the Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation. However, the other formation that he’d received from the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect was available for refinement. The Great Dream of Spring and Autumn Formation was a deadly one.

Having braved the formation twice, Jiang Chen had firsthand experience of its power. Plus, Venerated Skysoarer hadn’t given him just the formation’s diagrams, but a set of flags made from Divine Trees of Dreams with which to create the foundation. Wood from that type of tree was one of the best materials for the Great Dream of Spring and Autumn Formation.

Three more days passed before Jiang Chen finally exited his closed door cultivation. His first order of business after doing so was to summon the four monarchs.

The quartet had remained at Sacred Peafowl Mountain ever since their last visit. The situation in Veluriyam Capital put them at considerable unease. Though they’d previously not entirely been satisfied with the young lord, they were acutely excited at his new summons.


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