Chapter 1184: The Frightening Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation

Roughly two hours later, Emperor Void walked out of the secret room with a complicated expression.

Emperor Coiling Dragon was first to greet him. “Daoist Void, how was it? Did he speak?”

Emperor Void nodded, but his face was still as grim as ever. “He spoke. There’s no way he wouldn’t yield to my interrogation techniques.” 

“Who is he? What’s his background?” Emperor Coiling Dragon asked in rapid succession.

Emperor Void flashed a complicated look at Jiang Chen. “Young lord Zhen, Daoist Coiling Dragon, that person… is from Pillfire City.”

“What?!” The news caught Jiang Chen and Emperor Coiling Dragon by surprise.

“Pillfire City?” Jiang Chen was extremely dumbfounded. “Emperor Void, did he really say that he’s from Pillfire City?”

“Yes. I could also tell that he wasn’t lying. With my specialized interrogation technique, I can immediately tell if he’s lying or not.”

“Pillfire City…” Jiang Chen flashed a complicated look and suddenly raised his eyebrow out of suspicion. “Did he also mention Emperor Shura?”

Emperor Void sighed...

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