Chapter 1183: Jiang Chen’s Worries

“Persuade him?”

Frankly, Jiang Chen’s understanding of Emperor Petalpluck was pretty much close to zero. This was a great emperor who normally kept apart from worldly affairs, so he shouldn’t have chosen a side at a critical moment like this. However, it was also a fact that Emperor Petalpluck had agreed to attend Emperor Shura’s Vassal Meeting while glorifying it as an act for the greater good.

In reality however, Veluriyam Capital’s future would’ve been better if nothing had changed. It wouldn’t have fallen into disorder as quickly if the general summons hadn’t been issued. But now, all kinds of conflicts had arisen and changed the direction Veluriyam Capital was heading towards.

“Yes, persuade him and Emperor Mountaincrush as well. Emperor Mountaincrush was forced into supporting the Vassal Meeting because he couldn’t withstand the combined pressure of Emperor Shura and Emperor Vastsea. His relationship with Emperor Shura is average at best, so it’s impossible that he would support this willingly. Emperor Shura and Emperor Vastsea aren’t alone now as even Emperor Skysplitter has joined their side. They now stand...

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