Chapter 1182: The Two Great Emperors

The four monarchs had scarcely left before two emperors came to the young lord’s residence. It was Emperor Coiling Dragon and Void. The situation in Veluriyam had made these two slightly restless as well.

“Miss Huang’er, please excuse our uninvited arrivals. Didn’t young lord Zhen return home recently? Has he gone into seclusion or departed once more?” As someone who knew Jiang Chen quite well, Emperor Coiling Dragon found no need to hold his tongue.

Huang’er smiled slightly. “Your Majesties, please come with me.”

Exchanging a look, the two emperors followed the girl inside. They came to a quiet place in a few moments.

“Your Majesties, how have you been?” Emerging from the shadows, Jiang Chen smiled with genuine affection.

“There you are, kiddo! I didn’t expect you to be home.” Emperor Coiling Dragon was stunned for only a second before he broke into a smile as well.

It was the same for Emperor Void, though his typically stoic expression showed only muted joy.

“To tell you the truth, I haven’t been back long at all. I don’t know very much about...

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