Chapter 1181: A General Summons

Jiang Chen had interacted with this woman before. At the time, he had visited Plumscore Retreat and met a young girl called “Nian’er”. The girl had left a deep impression on him even to this day.  He didn’t know why, but she felt naturally familiar to him. It was an extremely peculiar feeling. It was why Jiang Chen immediately recalled his trip to Plumscore Retreat after he heard the monarch’s cool voice.

Huang’er smiled when she heard Plumscore Monarch’s complaint. “You are right, Plumscore Monarch. However, young lord Zhen rose to fame at a young age, so his foundation is still weak. He travels here and there to solidify his foundations and proclaim to the entire human domain that a person like him exists in Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Speaking of which, didn’t young lord Zhen spread his fame throughout the northern human domain and humiliate Pillfire City when he visited Tilted Moon Region some time ago?”

Huang’er disliked speaking in a hasty and harsh manner. Even when she was defending a point, she would respond logically and unhurriedly while remaining utterly calm. Her noble bearing was extraordinary...

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