Chapter 1180: Deeply Rooted Conflict

Huang’er was a meticulously-minded girl. Though she’d exclusive remained within the young lord’s residence, she had an acute grasp on all the goings-on within Veluriyam Capital. Her analysis was clear to every detail. Her systematic overview of the city’s specifics revealed everything to Jiang Chen. The young man’s brows furrowed after hearing his female companion’s retelling of recent events.

“That explains why other pill stores have opened up near Taiyuan Tower. This is obviously a pointed attempt at inciting a response from us.” It was as if Jiang Chen’s eyes had been opened.

Even if the pill stores had not been set up by Emperor Shura’s direct instructions, they were definitely related to that particular emperor.

“Brother Chen, I have to take partial responsibility for it having gotten so out of hand. Taiyuan Tower asked us for help many times. Pill King Bu, Pill King Lu Feng, Lin Yanyu, and Mu Gaoqi all requested to be sent to the store’s aid. I made the decision to force them to...

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