Chapter 1178: Might As Well Fight My Way In

“Who do you think you are, how dare you…” A guard cultivator rushed over and attempted to grab Jiang Chen’s collar.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes, drew his arm back, and swung forward with a fierce slap.

“Out of my way!”

The slap was so violent that the peak sage realm cultivator flew backwards, like a child who’d just learned how to walk.

“Someone’s causing trouble!”

“An enemy’s attacking!”

“Notify the supervisor immediately! An enemy’s attacking us!”

Jiang Chen had steeled his heart to raise an enormous ruckus, so he wasn’t holding back at all. He fought his way in like he was possessed by a demon god. He didn’t use any other attack. Every time a foolish cultivator made their way towards him, he simply slapped them into oblivion and moved onto the next target. Although his slaps appeared casual and simple, it was an attack that combined both his knowledge and power to make them very difficult to dodge.

Jiang Chen literally slapped his way into the shop. None of the guards could take more than a single slap....

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