Chapter 1177: Sudden Changes

The audience was extremely disappointed with Pill King Hong. He was fumbling for words and no longer showing the same charisma he had during the lecture. The discrepancy between then and now was simply too big. The small group that defended him previously finally began to waver.

Jiang Chen flashed a piercing glare at Pill King Hong. “You’re making the audience wait. Can’t you be a little more straightforward?”

His aura was incredibly domineering, making Pill King Hong cower in defeat. The audience grew more and more disappointed with the pill king as time went on. 

“Either you know or you don’t! Why are you stalling for time?” 

“He probably doesn’t know the answer! If he did, he would’ve answered already!”

“Hmph! It seems he’s really just a fame seeker!”

“Does he really think that he’s qualified to give us lectures? Piss off!” 

The audience was easily swayed. Most of them began to side with Jiang Chen and booed Pill King Hong after seeing the great...

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