Chapter 1176: The Chasm Of Strength

The atmosphere had shifted before anyone realized. Jiang Chen’s initial showing and disturbance had elicited general dislike because he’d interrupted the lecture. However, he was able to slowly change the crowd’s opinion of him. His performance, bearing, and presence far exceeded Pill King Hong’s. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s statements were extremely inflammatory. It didn’t take long before everyone started thinking that Pill King Hong was an agent of a foreign power here to cause trouble in Veluriyam Capital. As a result, even those who had a favorable impression of Pill King Hong couldn’t curb the beginnings of doubt.

The strong performance that the pill king had projected was being ever whittled away in the face of Jiang Chen’s domineering presence. The lofty image he had strived to build in the people’s hearts slowly crumbled. Folks were more afraid of comparisons than running into someone who knew their true worth. Not only did Jiang Chen’s success made him look utterly wretched, he wasn’t able to answer...

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