Chapter 1175: The Level of Jiang Chen’s Questions

Pill runes? Pill King Hong’s eyes lit up. He was somewhat of an expert and definitely no slouch when it came to pill dao. Pill runes was actually a subject that he’d devoted the biggest chunk of his time and effort towards. It could be viewed as his home territory. There was nothing to be scared of here for the pill king.

“Pill runes? Are you sure?” Greatly emboldened by this turn of events, Pill King Hong finally began to calm down with confidence.

“Are you man enough? On with it.” Jiang Chen snorted.

His irreverent attitude made Pill King Hong all the more incensed. “Fine, as you wish. We will each ask each other three questions on pill runes. However… if you lose, you have to tell everyone who sent you!”

“Who sent me?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “What, you’re not worried that I’ll just make something up?”

“Hmph, you’ll have to back it up with an oath on your inner demons, of course. How would we guarantee your honesty otherwise?” Having home field advantage gave Pill King Hong more and more...

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