Chapter 1174: Jiang Chen Prepares to Slap Face

The angrier Jiang Chen got, the calmer his heart became. His expression now was entirely impassive. The look with which he affixed the stranger pill king was filled with intimidating force, making the other man’s eyes evasive.

“And who the hell are you? What right do you have to ask me questions?” The other man became restless and angry himself, raising his volume. “Come, someone, anyone! Throw this man out!”

The cultivators downstage all felt compelled to charge up, but a casual wave from Jiang Chen swept them aside. His emperor domain rippled outwards, repelling his would-be assailants.

Like a god amongst men, Jiang Chen stood with head held high on the stage, his eyes almost physically piercing into the other man’s heart.

“Don’t ask me who I am. If you really have the courage to answer questions from your audience, then there’s no reason you should make an exception with me. If you don’t, then what gives you the boldness to preach here in Vermilion Bird Avenue? Do you have an answer to that, hmm?” Jiang Chen’s tone suddenly became serious.

The man wasn’t entirely a quack. Quite the opposite, he had some talent in terms of pills....

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