Chapter 1171: The Only Hope Of The Human Race

The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement? Venerated Skysoarer was taken aback. “Sect Head, why do you ask? How did you come by the name of the formation?”

“Does this mean that the formation is real?” Jiang Chen frowned slightly. He’d first heard about the formation from Mang Qi when he trained in the Eastern Kingdom’s Boundless Catacombs many years ago. After traveling to the sealed grounds in the desolate wildlands, he made another trip to the Boundless Catacombs for confirmation from Mang Qi. And now he wanted to see from the venerable master if Mang Qi’s words held any water.

“The formation…” The Venerated Skysoarer gave a long sigh. His tone became exceedingly complicated. “Sect Head, the story behind that formation is long and complicated.”

Jiang Chen didn’t care how long the tale might be. He needed to know.

“Venerated master, my fate is deeply entwined with the formation. Perhaps you can share the story with me?”

“I’ll gladly impart everything the sect head wishes to know.” The venerated master didn’t hide...

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