Chapter 1170: Rewards of the Second Palace

Though the three tests were reasonably difficult, Jiang Chen completed them perfectly and effortlessly. Venerated Skysoarer found it hard to describe, but he felt that Jiang Chen had a confidence that belied his age. Not a blind assurance, but true, reliable confidence that was backed up by something substantial.

He seemed to have everything that he did planned out beforehand. It was an odd feeling. The young man was collected, certain, and in absolute control. Traits that, in all honesty, were completely inappropriate for someone of his age.

The venerable master mused that if he were to venture into the three formations himself, he wouldn’t have been able to do a better job. In fact, he would probably lack in the treatment of certain details.

“Congratulations, Sect Head. You pass the three trials of the Crimson Heavens Palace!” Ever since entering the Veluriyam Pagoda as one of its guardians, Venerated Skysoarer had never been so happy as he was today.

His heart had been nothing short of bleak for the past hundred thousand years or so, but he now felt that everything had been worth it!...

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