Chapter 1168: Venerated Skysoarer

“The demon race, the demon race…” The muttering sounded extremely sad and hateful. The owner appeared to be fuming with rage behind gritted teeth.

Jiang Chen knew that practically all ancient experts hated the demon race. Even the ones who’d escaped to Myriad Abyss Island hated them. After all, the demons had forced them to leave their homeland. Because of the demons, they endured the unsightly label of a deserter and a never ending guilty conscience.

The demon race had terrorized all living beings, destroyed the human domain, damaged the spirit veins within, and consumed a large amount of resources. That was why the surviving ancient experts had no choice but to head for Myriad Abyss Island.

Jiang Chen didn’t interrupt him. He sat down cross legged and stayed silent. The earlier battle had sorely tested his strength and exhausted him greatly, especially because he’d activated both the Imperial Advent Defense Talisman and the Imperial Advent Onslaught Talisman at once. The pressure that he’d had to bear at mere half-step emperor was enormous to say the last. If he hadn’t cultivated the golden body of demons and gods, he would’ve been lucky not to be crushed outright by the combined...

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