Chapter 1167: Bloodline Reversion

The demon emperor’s solicitation was just another tactic to stall for time. His eminence among his fellows came with uncanny astuteness and experience. The momentum of Jiang Chen’s pursuit indicated that the young man hated demons’ guts. There was zero chance that he would join up with any demon race.

Given the young man’s breadth and depth of methods and tools, he had to be one of the humans’ best geniuses. Though Emperor Bloodmalva didn’t know Jiang Chen’s particulars or any exact details about his background, there was no doubt that someone who had a true dragon as a companion was one of the luckiest few, even amongst geniuses.

A genius of his caliber had to die. Regardless of cost, regardless of price!

Jiang Chen wasn’t aware of the demon emperor’s two-faced behavior, that an evil heart was hidden behind the offer of allegiance.

Emperor Bloodmalva smiled sinisterly. “A demon bloodline reigns supreme above all. You dare to belittle us, puny human?”

“Reigns supreme?” Jiang Chen snickered. “Demons are just the heavenly planes’ locusts....

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