Chapter 1166: Charging Back to the Altar

Demon Emperor Bloodmalva wasn’t scared of anything in the world. In particular, he tended to hold human cultivators in contempt. But now, before this particular human, he felt the slightest sliver of fear. It was because of none other than Long Xiaoxuan.

“Just where did this human cultivator come from? How did he manage to contract a true dragon as his battle-beast? The true dragons are a proud race. Why would one of them serve a mere human?” The demon emperor was thoroughly confused. Unfortunately, it was a bad time to grapple with philosophical problems such as this.  

Breaking free from the chase was a top priority. A great demon emperor was being hunted down by a brat still stinking of his mother’s milk! The demon was even as frightened as a stray dog. The very thought of it pained Emperor Bloodmalva’s heart. It was so frustrating that he almost wanted to cough up blood. 

Shame, aversion, dejection. A multitude of emotions hung upon his chest, pressing against it uncomfortably. Thankfully, the demon emperor was no slouch in terms of quickness. He reached the altar in no time...

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