Chapter 1165: Ambush

A demon emperor who’d just regained roughly thirty percent of his strength was theoretically inferior to a human great emperor, but really wasn’t as far as behind as the numbers might imply. An average peak ninth level emperor would be lucky to escape Demon Emperor Bloodmalva with the demon’s current state, much less fight him head on. 

But Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of the palm seal bearing down on him at all. Instead, he blurred into a beam of light with increased speed and dived at the ground even more quickly than before. He passed right through the ground in an instant.

“Useless effort!” Demon Emperor Bloodmalva proclaimed in a cold, indifferent voice, raising the his blade and slashing at the ground repeatedly like he was tilling the fields.

Crash! The giant rocks on the ground split apart like tofu beneath the Bloodmalva Demon Blade’s assault. Deep ravines crisscrossed the ground.

“Hmm? He can dive this deep?” Emperor Bloodmalva sounded a little surprised. At this point, he was forced to admit that the young man was more capable than he’d initially imagined. Although the demon emperor had only executed a few moves,...

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