Chapter 1164: Defying the Demon Emperor

Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised that the demon emperor had recognized him.

“You shouldn’t have awakened. You escaped death during the ancient cataclysm, and should’ve been obediently stayed hidden in your seal. Why are you in such a hurry to die? We are no longer in the ancient times, and you no longer a demon emperor that can rampage through the lands!”

Emperor Bloodmalva smiled angrily. “Human brat, how dare you insult a demon emperor when you still reek of your mother’s milk? You’re merely a half-step emperor! I’ve slaughtered more half-step emperors than I could possibly count! Ignorant child, you should know better!”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “This half-step emperor shall be your maker. You’ve left your home and crossed countless planes just to die in a foreign land. Is that really worth it?”   

The demon emperor was taken aback. “Brat! You know about the planes as well? When did the humans from the Divine Abyss Continent become so knowledgeable?!”

“Hmph! How could a foreign invader possibly know about the...

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