Chapter 1163: Demon Emperor Bloodmalva

Demon Emperor Bloodmalva’s sacrifice had lacked Wei Xing’er as a crucial component. Thus, he was only at roughly thirty percent of his full potential. But even a crippled demon emperor was still astonishingly mighty. The great emperor aura filled the interior of the mountain.

The Resplendent Emerald Veranda master’s aura is nowhere to be found. Has he died? 

Though the demon emperor had only been recently freed, his consciousness was perfectly clear. There was no way otherwise he could’ve convinced the Veranda master to join the blood demons, nor laid out this plot for his human agent over these several years.

Transforming himself into a bloody cloud, the demon emperor stormed from the altar to the dissipated fog formation. He arrived to the sight of utter ruin. His prepared food was long gone. The only thing that remained was a strong lingering scent of battle.

“Aaah!” Demon Emperor Bloodmalva knew that his plans had fallen awry. He was completely furious. He’d arranged such an intricate plot, only to have its fruit...

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