Chapter 1162: The Demon Emperor Awakens

With a casual sweep, Jiang Chen gathered the pearl into his hand. In the next moment, it was as if the underground world had its soul pulled out. The stone pillars became like paper, collapsing into heaps one by one. Cursing quietly, Jiang Chen immediately called to the Goldbiter Rat King. 

“Ole Gold, we have to get out of here.”

The Rat King was unconcerned about this layer’s loss of structural integrity. “Don’t worry about it, Master Chen,” he slowly trotted. “Even if the sky falls, I can bring you out with no problem.”

The Rat King was scared of a great number of things, but the ground collapsing was not one of them. His race’s foremost talent was digging holes. No matter how deep a Goldbiter Rat was underground, a tunnel could be dug out for sure.

Jiang Chen didn’t treat it with the same levity. Though he wasn’t afraid of losing a clear way out, this underground was a strange and ominous place. It was a literal demon lair. If he unwisely attracted the demon emperor’s premature attention, it would be disastrous. He ascended to a layer above, which was also...

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