Chapter 1161: To Beat The Veranda Master At His Own Game

The Veranda master had dispelled the formation of his own accord for a clearer view of the ugly struggles of cultivators in their death throes. It was obvious that he hated the royal family quite a bit. His hate encompassed even the entire Great Scarlet Mid Region. And of course, he hated Jiang Chen, the unpredictable variable, immensely as well.

The perfect prey had fallen into his hands, so it would be a crying shame if he didn’t fully enjoy and play with them after his success. He had spent many years preparing for the moment, and now was when he enjoyed his harvest! The moment the formation was dispelled, the Veranda master made a beeline for Imperial Prince Zhao with a taunting look. He stomped firmly on the prince’s face twice.

“Imperial Prince Zhao, is it? Where’s your cool act now, hmm? Why are you lying here like a dying dog? How does this feel?”

Prince Zhao had been a proud man his entire life and had never thought that he would succumb to a situation like this today. Flustered and exasperated as he was, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Kill me if you dare, Cui!...

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